5 condolences: farm life

In 1854, my great-great-great-great grandfather Magnus Magnusson bought a plot of farmland in rural Illinois. The boundaries of the farm have shifted over the years, but it remains in my family today. In the farmhouse – the second on the land, built in the 1880s – my cousin lives with her husband and their two young sons. Those boys are the 7th generation of my family to live in the house, the 8th generation to occupy the land.

Two of my uncles still work that land and other nearby parcels, and the farm is a favorite family gathering place. We fish or boat in the pond, bring our dogs out to run around and bark at the cattle, and visit with aunts and uncles and cousins.

Each fall, the family gets together for a weiner roast, often at the farm. The harvest is past for the farmers (and those like me who don’t farm, but still connect to the land with our gardens) and there’s time to sit around a roaring bonfire and share food and stories with family. It’s one of my favorite yearly events, and it’s so important – because it keeps us in touch with each other, and with our family’s land.

I’m not the only one with enduring farm memories. This week, we share 5 condolence messages from others remembering their farm adventures:

  1. I have such fond memories of getting together with all our Miller cousins at the farm in Stroud. We played in the apple orchard, chased the piglets and chickens and helped to milk the cows. We all had so much fun while our parents sat inside the large rambling farm house and allowed us to just be kids !! [Published by Oshawa Funeral Home]
  2. Many fond memorys were found on Uncle Bud’s farm, from fishing in the Spoon river to swinging across the hay barn, He was a wonderful & generous example of what an Uncle should be, He made us feel important and always had time for us. [Published in the Peoria Journal Star]
  3. What can I say about the other “father” in my life. I grew up in the Jordan family. Those years of playing, working, and laughing with them on the “farm” are my most cherished memories. Mr. Jordan gave me my first and last chew of tobacco when I was 8 years old. This is where I learned to ride a cow. And knowing what to look out for when sliding into 2nd base out in the pasture. My mother, Mama Jo, always said he was a most handsome man and had the whitest, prettiest teeth. I learned a lot from Mr. Jordan, one I will not forget is his natural way of making everyone feel welcomed and loved. I hope I can carry that example thru my life. I will miss him terribly. [Published in The Greenville News]
  4. I admire my cousin Audrey for so many reasons – her physical beauty but more importantly her great inward strength and contagious spirit. For this reluctant city girl, my fondest memories will be of fun filled summer vacations exploring the Kansas farm enjoying kittens in the barn, rides during the wheat harvest, discussions of boyfriends over big bowls of popcorn, and yes, even scary spider collections. [Published by McGilley State Line Chapel]
  5. I was one Joan opened her heart and home to with kindness. I have very fond memories of her on the farm when I was growing up. She taught me to enjoy life, be accountable to responsibility, don’t give the chickens names, and get back up on a horse (or pony) when it bucks you off. [Published in the Northwest Herald]

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