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17 months after my brother was born, I came along.  He was unimpressed.  We spent a lot of time together when we were kids, and seemed to have more than our fair share of fights.  One day a woman from our church told us that when we were older, we’d be best friends.  We thought it was the most ridiculous thing we had ever heard, and we went on fighting. 

Years later, we realized she was right.  My brother has been there to support me through many difficult times, and he always seems to know the right thing to say.  And during good times, I laugh harder and have more fun when I’m around him than just about any other time.  We’re closer now than I ever could have imagined we’d be when we were kids.

This week, we share 5 condolence messages that highlight the special relationships people have with their brothers:

  1. He was my beloved brother and he will leave a void in my heart. I will never forget when he left my sister and I his car, we use to fly over the back roads and have the time of our young lives, and he was the one that showed us how to that. That is only one example we enjoyed going on trips with Paul and Pat. these memories will never go away. Love you Paul miss you already.Youy little sister Helen. [Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal]
  2. My brother was and always will be the star of our family. When we were young, I always hung around my brother Joe and he tolerated me. I would nag him til he helped me with my homework. He never forgot his roots and was always there if and when the family needed him. He was a wonderful father, loving and devoted husband and generous to his entire family. I will always remember him and will miss him dearly. Rest in peace, brother Joe. [Published in San Jose Mercury News/San Mateo County Times]
  3. A few things I will not forget. My baby brother at the campfire,cooking a clean out the fridge omlet, loyalty to family and friends, car that looked like a refrigerator on wheels, passion for water conservation (Sis turn off the water while you brush your teeth!) See you on the other side little brother. Love your sis [Published in San Diego Union-Tribune]
  4. I was little baby brother and was his shadow every where he went, tomato fights,making caves,swiming & fishing in pond our dad built. Bill was great to put up with me. Our home was a chicken farm and always had 3,000 long horned combed hens which kept us kids cleaning chicken houses(Park Poutry Plant) just a quarter mile south of Columbus,Kansas. Many great memories & I will miss him. Donna & Jack had good times with Mary & Bill.thru many years. Adios Bill, Love forever, your brother, Jack [Published by Olinger Crown Hill Mortuary & Cemetery]
  5. Dale, I already miss you so much. I don’t have anyone to play X-Files with or put up christmas lights in the middle of July with anymore. I will never have a christmas go by where I dont listen to the Elvis Christmas cd and cry and remember us hugging the christmas tree because we wanted to be “jolly”. You were my best friend growing up and an amazing older brother. I miss your jokes and could really use one right now. I’ll keep your memories with me until the day we meet again and make some more. Love you big brother. Brianne [Published in News Tribune (Tacoma)]

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