5 condolences: favorite memories

Grandpa Ekhardt with one of the thousands of fish he caught

When my grandfather passed away, my dad whipped up a batch of Grandpa’s famous ham salad and we sat around eating sandwiches and reminiscing about our favorite memories of him. My favorite memory was going pier fishing with him in Myrtle Beach when I was in 7th grade. Everyone on the pier knew and loved him because he spent at least 40 hours a week fishing and, more importantly, offering advice and helping others on the pier. Grandpa taught me how to bait a hook, cast a line, and reel in a fish. I caught at least a dozen fish that day and Grandpa proudly cooked some up for dinner that night. It was the best meal I ever had.

Here are some favorite memories people shared in condolence messages this week:

  1. I worked with Percy for a long time at school, but my favorite memory of him was when I just gave birth to my first child and Percy snuck me in a McDonalds Big Mac for a treat. He was such a thoughtful man and had a great sense of humor. [Published by Bangor Daily News]  
  2. My favorite memory of Aunt Bev is when she took me to see the movie Oliver. We were running late and had to sit real close to the screen. To this day I prefer not to sit close to the screen but if that happens thoughts of my Aunt taking me always come back. [Published by Kiser Funeral Home]  
  3. My favorite memory of Grandma (I am the wife of Greg, her grandson) is when we came down with our 6 mo old daughter – her first great grandchild. She swooped Ella out of my arms and was speed walking to her neighbors house to show her off. [Published by The San Diego Union-Tribune]  
  4. i worked with Ms. Connolly at Corrections Medical Center. she was a reliable, supportive supervisor, an independent thinker, and always witty. my favorite memory of her is from Christmas time, when she would strap a big plastic Santa yard ornament in her car passenger’s seat and drive around for the season. she was a joyful free spirit. [Published by The Columbus Dispatch] 
  5. Although I met Lola while she was at the University of Evansville, my favorite memory of her will always be our trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Even at 81 she was thrilled to put on her bathing suit and explore the waters of Tobago. Sporting a huge smile she donned her mask and fins like a pro. She had an adventurous and kind spirit which is a true inspiration. She will be missed. [Published by Evansville Courier & Press]

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