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Mistresses not welcome

A recent Ethicist column in New York Times Magazine caught our attention: “The Mistress at the Funeral.” In it, a reader explains that he recently lost a good friend. In his final weeks of life, the friend told him that … Continue reading

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5 Condolences: funny memories from school

As I prepared to enter high school, my older brother warned me that upperclassmen enjoyed playing pranks on the incoming class. The classic prank at our school was selling passes for an elevator that was supposed to take you to … Continue reading

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Photos @Legacy: on the boardwalk

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Remembering the Prescott, Arizona firefighters

Late Sunday night, we were stunned at the news that 19 firefighters had died while battling a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona. Members of a Hotshot crew out of nearby Prescott, the firefighters were trained in the techniques needed to control … Continue reading

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5 Condolences: things my father taught me

My father recently retired after 37 years in ministry. I was fortunate to be able to fly home to join him for his final sermon and his retirement celebration. Over the course of the day, I was reminded through others’ … Continue reading

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5 Condolences: things my mother taught me

The best mothers do more than raise us and nurture us – they teach us, too. Of course, there are the early basics: Mom teaches Baby how to eat, how to get dressed, how to talk. As we get to … Continue reading

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The best obituary ever

Shared by tens of thousands of people via social media, and viewed more than half a million times in its first few days online, Harry Stamps’ obituary is one for the ages. Many readers have declared it the best obituary … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Today marks the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week. We encourage you to visit our Legends & Legacies blog to read the amazing story of one grieving family who set off a chain reaction of kind acts.

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5 Condolences: birthdays

Gathering with family and friends helps bring light into our lives, particularly in these dark winter months. And birthdays are one of our favorite reasons for a get-together. Whether we’re celebrating a milestone or honoring a loved one who has … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook victims remembered

One month ago today, a gunman shot and killed 6 adults and 20 students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.   Like everyone who heard the news that morning, we at Legacy.com were stunned. When we heard there were … Continue reading

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