Mistresses not welcome

A recent Ethicist column in New York Times Magazine caught our attention: “The Mistress at the Funeral.” In it, a reader explains that he recently lost a good friend. In his final weeks of life, the friend told him that he wanted his mistress to attend his memorial service. Though the wife knew the mistress existed, the reader wasn’t sure whether he should honor his friend’s wishes.

At Legacy.com, our answer was a resounding, Continue reading

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The Boy Batman

Austin Luke DeGiorgio (Image via Lohud.com)

Austin Luke DeGiorgio (Image via Lohud.com)

At Legacy.com we often tell the stories of people who spent decades working to improve the world. Sometimes, though, we find special people for whom making the world a better place just seems to come naturally. One of those special people, Austin Luke DeGiorgio, would have celebrated his 15th birthday today. Continue reading

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The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

The Legacy.com team likes to share with our readers obituaries of interest. Most often, we find ourselves sharing life stories that have moved or inspired us – a couple’s long-lasting devotion to each other, an individual’s tireless work for charity, a young person showing strength and wisdom beyond her years.

Image via SavannahNow.com

Image via SavannahNow.com

But sometimes, an obituary catches our eye just because it’s plain funny – intentionally so. Continue reading

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“2 Tru Loves: Norma and the Sox”

Allan Munroe at Fenway Park. Image via The Boston Globe.

Allan Munroe at Fenway Park. Image via The Boston Globe.

When Allan Munroe’s wife of 63 years died recently, his family knew they needed to do something to help assuage his deep grief. They decided on a cross-country trip to see a love that was second only to his dear Norma – the Boston Red Sox. It would be Munroe’s first visit to Fenway in 50 years.

Continue reading

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More Than a Teacher


Image via Chicago Sun-Times

Good teachers do more than guide us through our lessons and prepare us for standardized tests. They inspire us to love their subjects and to love learning all our lives. And the best teachers? They’re the ones like Dan Horyn.

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A 9/11 Legacy

Image via Today.com

Maria Rose Abad (Image via Today.com)

Twelve years after she died in the World Trade Center, Maria Rose Abad’s obituary Guest Book has been flooded today with messages from children thanking her and her husband for their kindness and generosity. Intrigued, we looked into their story, and what we found touched our hearts. Continue reading

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5 Condolences: funny memories from school

As I prepared to enter high school, my older brother warned me that upperclassmen enjoyed playing pranks on the incoming class. The classic prank at our school was selling passes for an elevator that was supposed to take you to a pool on top of the school gym. Of course, our school didn’t have an elevator or a pool.

Jokes and pranks like these stick with us for years to come.  Read on to see some of the funny school moments that people remembered years later, and that they shared in Guest Book entries: Continue reading

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Photos @Legacy: on the boardwalk

Photo submitted to Maria G. "Cici" Wells's Guest Book, published in U-T San Diego.

“Maria, Pattie and Jimmy sun tanning.” Photo submitted to Maria G. “Cici” Wells’s Guest Book, published in U-T San Diego.

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Remembering the Prescott, Arizona firefighters

Arizona firefighters 280x100Late Sunday night, we were stunned at the news that 19 firefighters had died while battling a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona. Members of a Hotshot crew out of nearby Prescott, the firefighters were trained in the techniques needed to control a swiftly advancing wildfire. But while they worked to subdue the fire, the firefighters became trapped and couldn’t escape. The crew of 20 lost all but one of its members. Continue reading

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Top 10 obituary myths

We recently came across an interesting article that we wanted to share with our readers. Sandra Martin’s “The Top 10 Obituary Myths” is a fantastic comment on the way obituaries have changed over the years. Notably, the obituary has become a forum for creatively remembering a loved one in any number of ways. Martin starts off by boldly dispelling the myth that “Obituaries are about death,” then goes on to smash other outdated preconceptions about the no-longer-humble obit.

In addition to being a good read, Martin’s words might be useful to others who are trying to write an obituary for a loved one. As she says, “What I have learned is that every life is fascinating, if only I can dig deep enough into the past and learn the personal details of my subject’s life and career.” It’s good advice for anyone who’s struggling with what to say – first and foremost, remember that your loved one was fascinating. Delve into her article for that advice and more, then check out our guide on how to write an obituary.

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